Back in the 70s, an enterprising young businessman named Yoshida owned a popular education company in Tokyo. Believing knowledge is the key to enlightenment, Yoshida was naturally curious about the world beyond Japan, so he packed up and travelled to Europe. In Spain, he met an olive farmer whose family had been producing the highest grade of organic oil available for more than 200 years. Immediately he made the connection between traditional Japanese herbology and the antioxidant properties of olive oil, and a new skincare philosophy was born.

DHC beauty

a break from the norm

Today, as one of the world’s top health and beauty brands, DHC remains a radically different kind of skincare company. The DHC labs in Tokyo continually disrupt the Japanese beauty industry with innovative formulas, many never seen before in the Western marketplace. And with an executive leadership comprised primarily of women, DHC shatters the cultural norms of the typical Japanese company.

DHC story

tradition meets innovation

Even with its breakthrough formulas and unconventional history, DHC is dedicated to its core Japanese values: offering premium antioxidant skincare and advocating for education. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, DHC USA leads the industry in best-in-class beauty practices and champions education and leadership to help ensure a bright, beautiful future for youth. At DHC, we believe true beauty begins with confidence. We’re on a mission to provide our customers with the best products, made with exceptional ingredients and renown Japanese innovation. And true to our heritage, we’re committed to helping everyone, everywhere to discover their own brand of beauty.

our beauty philosophy

wabi-sabi: perfectly imperfect

There’s a concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics known as wabi-sabi. Derived from a Buddhist teaching, it’s described as finding beauty in imperfection and it’s how we at DHC see beauty. To us, perfect skin isn’t a complexion free of flaws (let’s be real—there’s no such thing). We believe beauty is process, not a goal. It’s the ability to love your skin and all its perfectly imperfect distinctions. Your idea of beauty is entirely your own. We’re just here to help you do you.

our ingredients

We at DHC like to have fun, but we get serious when it comes to products and what goes into them. We take pride in formulating our basic skincare using the best ingredients and technologies available, and without parabens, colorants, or added fragrance. Our entire line was founded on the principles our first product: Olive Virgin Oil. It’s sourced from organic Spanish olives that are handpicked when they’re most rich in nutrients. The oil is extracted from the crush before the first cold pressing, then carefully filtered in our state-of-the-art labs in Japan. The result is the premium, non-comedogenic, organic virgin olive oil we continue to produce today.

meet our new

mascot, Ami

She’s a modern kokeshi girl and the newest member of the DHC family. As your Japanese beauty experts, we wanted an ambassador to help spread our beauty philosophy and lead our mission of creating a community of people who truly love their skin. So, we’ve recruited Ami, along with her friends Rini and Sora, to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of Japanese beauty. She’ll be your guide to the DHC experience, from helping you find the right products to giving you insider tips on upcoming promotions. We’re so excited for her to begin this journey with us, and we hope you enjoy what’s to come.

What are kokeshi?

Traditional Japanese dolls handmade from wood.

Ami and her friends were created exclusively for DHC by renowned Kokeshi illustrator Annelore Parot. ©2017 DHC USA Inc.

As part of our commitment to providing our customers with the best products, made with exceptional ingredients and renown Japanese innovation, we apply the same high standards used in obtaining our olive oil to all our ingredients. To learn more about our ingredients, please visit our Skincare & Ingredients Glossary.

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