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This medicated lotion hydrates and brightens your complexion and keeps it moisturized and beautiful skin throughout the year.

The formula contains intensive skin-conditioning ingredients, including placental extract for brightness and glycyrrhizinate dipotassium for preventing roughness. Also formulated with rice ferment filtrate (sake)* and many other beauty ingredients derived from rice and sake.

The watery texture spreads evenly, even on dry or rough skin. The rice-derived moisturizing ingredient inositol carries moisture deep into skin, bringing suppleness and softness.

Fresh, fruity, floral scent.

No added colorants or parabens.

The DHC Blanc Moisturizing series is formulated with medicated ingredients to support brightness* and prevent roughness and, to boost hydration, with the rice ferment filtrate (sake) of KOSHI NO BAIRI Tokubetsu Junmai, which is brewed by DHC Shuzo with the utmost care.

Additional ingredients also help brighten and moisturize your complexion. The placental extract* prevents dark spots and freckles caused by UV rays, and glycyrrhizinate dipotassium helps prevent roughness. Also formulated with mevalonolactone, derived from Japanese sake, and various other beauty ingredients derived from rice and Japanese sake.

The triple impact of brightening* + preventing roughness + moisturizing imparts a deeply hydrated, brighter complexion.

Medicated cosmetic.
Designated ingredients: Disodium edta, fragrance


Using a cotton pad or your hand, gently pat or massage a 500-yen-coin-sized amount onto your face.
For best results, use with other DHC Blanc Moisturizing series products.

No questions.

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