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DHC Mild UV Protection 200g Sunscreen SPF30・PA+++ Japan w/tracking

Skin-friendly low irritation day Anti-burning

"DHC Mild UV Protection" is a skin-friendly sunburn stopper. By encapsulating ultraviolet absorbent in capsule, we realized low stimulation gentle to the skin. There is no sticky matter, whitishness which is worrisome with a texture which extends smoothly and skin familiar. With a plentiful capacity pump type, you can put it on the front door, living room, washbasin, and you can easily use it with all your family.

In addition, consideration is also given to fine particles in the atmosphere which is a stimulus to the skin, [Plant-derived polymer * 1], three kinds of plant extracts [asparagus stem extract *] [Scutellaria root extract *] [arch chalk leaf extract *] Was formulated. It gives moisture to the skin which tends to dry due to ultraviolet rays and air conditioner etc., keeps the freshness.

Patch test · Allergy test · Stinging test ※ 2 already ※ 3

No fragrance · coloring · paraben free natural ingredient combination.

* Skin conditioning ingredients

※ 1 (oilseed rape seed oil / cinnabar rapeseed oil) copolymer

※ 2 It is a test to check the presence or absence of a stimulant feeling such as tingling and tingling.

* 3 Not all people and allergies and skin irritation do not occur.

How to use

Please pick up the appropriate amount and stretch the whole face and body without irregularity. After sweating, after wiping the skin with a towel etc,

please re-attach.Can be dropped with normal facial cleanser and body soap.* Please remove the stopper of the pump part before use.

No questions.

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